is a 501 (C) (3) certified non-profit organization of Vietnamese-American volunteers who work to provide funding, ideas & human touch to the local homeless & poor Vietnamese people in Vietnam and Cambodia. We specialize in humanitarian projects to help people long term.



To be the intermediary to communicate people’s needs and to bring relief and self-sufficiency to the suffering, the neglected and the poor.



Our journey started in 1999. A small group of college friends in Cincinnati, Ohio shared a common dream: find those who needed help in remote regions and develop long term solutions to lift their families out of poverty. Through the next 20 years, Care2Share grew into a charity foundation based in the USA. Our mission was to bring relief to remote areas of Vietnam, Cambodia, and other suffering victims who have been forgotten by their fellow government and neighbors. Our membership expanded into North Carolina in 2014, where we established a sister foundation and named it Care2Share of the Carolinas. Currently, we raise funds through many annual events, from selling food and drinks at Vietnamese Tet festival, to hosting musical social dance parties and Hawaiian luau theme dinners. We return to Viet Nam and Cambodia to implement our own projects, with the help of trusted local project leaders whom we have worked with for many years. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic and economic difficulties, Care2Share of the Carolinas continues to work in novel ways to raise funds, including expanding our message onto social media and other digital platforms. We hope to work on more local projects to benefit our local communities here in the US especially in urban cities where people are most inflicted with the fallout from the epidemic. Following are some examples of how we have helped: – Combat poverty by establishing daycare centers for poor children to master elementary skills and by granting college scholarships to deserving high school students from poor remote areas. – Provide community leaders including physician assistants, nurses and teachers by encouraging scholarship recipients to serve in their communities for several years after finishing their education. – Promote health by bringing clean water and basic plumbing technology to remote villages in the mountains and by focusing on delivering hygiene programs to the youth. – Enable the jobless by educating families to raise livestock or farm favorable crops and other specialized skills. – Empower women by giving them positive role models to replicate and showing them the benefits of education, skilled work, independent thinking and community involvement. – Bring hope, love, and human touch to those who needed the most, such as the chronically ill, lepers, orphans, neglected elderly.


We firmly believe that our sponsors and benefactors deserve to have all of their hard-earned donations benefit the needy directly. Therefore, our members and volunteers pay, out of their own pockets, for their own expenses on our mission trips to Viet Nam and Cambodia. Furthermore, we pledge that up to 99% of our net proceeds from all donations go directly to fund projects for the needy. Care2Share of the Carolinas continues to exist because our supporters trust our charity work and vision. Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US (link to Contact Us) should you have any questions or concerns about our pledge to you.


President: Mrs. Kim Mai
Secretary: Mr. Da Mai
Treasurer: Mrs. Wendy Huong Nguyen
Associate members:
– John Cuong Doan MD
– Alex Hoa Pham DDS
– Mr. Tuan Tran
– Mr. Trinh Doan
– Mrs. Boi Khanh Doan
– Mr. Nguyen Hang
– Mrs. Jenny Hong Nguyen
– Ms. Trang Tran
– Mrs. Hieu Do