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Within the same year that Care2Share of the Carolinas organization was established in 2015, we took over the funding of 3 childcare centers from our sister organization in Ohio. Father Hai, the manager of these centers, is a well- respected priest who speaks Montagnard language fluently and he has also worked and lived among the Vietnamese minority in the remote areas of Kutong, K’Mong and SeDang of Pleiku city. Traditionally the children age range from 1 to 10 years old living in these remote areas would either be carried or followed their parents deep in the jungle to farm for food and raw materials. Often times many of them will be left hungry and thirsty in the cold and defense-less weather conditions while parents are busy farming. Father Hai is the sole instrumental priest who effectively set up and managed these childcare centers from ground zero. Twenty years ago, it was practically impossible to build a childcare center under the strict rule of the government. Father Hai struggled through many years, nevertheless he overcame all the challenges and obstacles to successfully build the 3 childcare centers with the assistance of Care2Share.

As of now, poor working parents can drop off their small children at the daycare centers on the way to the fields. Children at the centers will be fed and taught with songs and storytelling. They now have a safe, fun place stay over the course of the day.

We observe and recognize the exponential growth and improvement in these children’s social skills and development during our annual visits. Children are more approachable and happier, they greet us with their delightful smiles, and they talk and sing to us just like normal Vietnamese children. Many years ago, they would shy away and would not accept any toy or candy given by any visitor.

C2SOTC funding for the 3 childcare centers in 2020 is $14,500USD. This pays salaries for 13 teachers and provide daily food for 134 children ages from 1 to 10.

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