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Tri Duc Song Dinh daycare center is located along the Song Dinh riverside in the rural of Soc Trang city, south of Vietnam. Many poor people living in this area are the Kho Me Vietnamese minority. With impoverished living conditions & lack of adult supervision, children regularly gather and roam around the neighborhood, participate in group fights, and create trouble for the local residents. The Buddhist monk named Tri Duc, who is also the master of the Tri Duc temple always wants to help and groom these troubled kids to grow up in a more structured environment & become a self-sufficient and productive member of society. He has successfully provided a small number of local bad-influenced kids a safer place to shelter after school and taught them basic survival skills such as planting vegetables, raising pigs, chickens… However, the program was limited because Master Tri Duc only had a small building with a few rooms. He wished to extend his commitment to helping more kids in the area and proposed us to help with the construction of a new & larger building to serve the high demand. Mater Tri Duc is a knowledgeable, capable, and hands-on individual. C2SOTC admired his good vision and dedication, therefore, he agreed to assist financially to build the shelter. During the construction, we stood by to provide technical assistance and continued to discuss long term funding to further enrich the program.

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